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Reviews on  White Horse Toys                        
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“Worth the drive”

Molly H

This review is for: White Horse Toys
As locally owned toy stores are hard few and far btw and I don't like going to Target, this one is worth driving to Issaquah for. Totally PACKED with every toy I have ever seen this toy store is huge without seeming junky and has everything from all wooden toys to hot wheels. The space is really well organized which I think is important because toy stores can be really overwhelming. I will go here next time I need a birthday present. Because they have a train table, I was actually able to get out without buying anything for my 2 1/2 year old because she was too busy to shop.
“Toy store for the kid that has everything”

       Aileen O.

This review is for: White Horse Toys
White Horse Toys  is located in Gilman Plaza in Issaquah. They carry a good selection of toys that do not require batteries. Most of the toys are European, with name brands such as Haba, Breyer, Lego, Tolo just off the top of my head. If you are looking for a special gift, this store will have it!
“White Horse Toys something for everyone”

       Annie M.,

This review is for: White Horse Toys
No matter how many times we venture into White Horse toys there is always something new to discover. Something we may not have noticed the time before. The sheer amount of toys and games is unbelievable. Everything from toys for enjoying the new sunny weather to learning placemats, dolls, craft kits, baby toys, books, play kitchen items, dress up. You name it the chances that WHite Horse carries it is pretty high. A great place to find a birthday gift for that special child!
“Great for Unique Toys”

Deborah B.,

This review is for: White Horse Toys
Ever wonder where to find all those great toys on the Baby Einstein Videos? White Horse Toys is the place. This delightful store is jam packed with unusual toys and games. The games section alone is 3 times larger than what you'd find at a chain store. Leave the stroller in the car as aisles are cramped and this store is multi-level. Prices are on the high side but are not unreasonable. We bought a pair of "Shoe Cars" when our son was 1 and he still loves them at 3 and they are in perfect condition. Buy the common toys at a discount outlet and buy your specialty toys here.
“good toy store for those living in Issaquah”

       Kin K.,

This review is for: White Horse Toys
this store is in the Gilman Village complex, right next to a restaurant. It contains a lot of plush animals and some board games, as well as some interesting puzzles that I cannot find elsewhere. They also carry the usual Thomas, Lego and Playmobil sets. Price is reasonable and competitive for this area.
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by Helene de Ronsard

My son and I love this store. One of the best independent toy store I have seen. Friendly and helpful staff and exceptional selection of fun stuff. I can't adequately describe the store. You need to go and see it.

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